Self Build Kits

Timber Frame Self-Build House Kits by the Flat Pack Houses team.

Build your own dream house using one of Home in big box Houses’ self-build kits. We offer a wide range of stylish, modern homes available as both timber frame kits and ‘turn key’ complete houses.

All of our self-build kits use high quality timber frame for optimum safety and home durability. Our self-build kits are available in a variety of designs and dimensions to suit your unique lifestyle needs.

From 880 square feet up, you can build the home of your dreams to your own exact specifications. Our experienced team can supply a timber frame package for further construction by yourself or build your home from foundations to completion.

What are the Main Advantages of Self-Build Kits?

Cost-effective and dependable, Quick, simple and safe construction and Flexible delivery and storage

Home Extension

You can transform your home by creating more space, including the latest design features and all customised to your very own specifications at very affordable prices. Our flat pack extensions are built using high quality prefabricated materials for the best possible pricing. They’re stylish, modern and totally bespoke – it’s easy to customise them to suit your style, tastes, needs and budget.

All of our extensions are built using prefabricated materials. This allows us to build your dream extension in a fraction of the amount of time required for traditional renovations. A kitchen extension could take as little as three days.

Many of our high quality extensions can be completed within a week as we use prefabricated materials that can be partially constructed off site. Because our flat pack extensions are built using prefabricated materials, they can cost up to 25% less than a standard renovations. All of our extensions use high quality, durable and environmentally friendly materials to make sure your dream kitchen is problem free. Although our pricing is very affordable since many components are assembled off site, we never compromise on quality.

German Flat Pack Houses

Flat pack houses are fast becoming a popular housing alternative in the UK. The homes are environmentally friendly, affordable and quicker to build making them a leading choice for first-time buyers.

They offer a stylish substitute to traditional properties and are less time consuming to build than normal self-build projects. Create the home of your dreams in just a matter of weeks compared to traditional builds which take months.

There are various types of flat pack houses to suit all budgets and housing requirements but rest assured you can find everything you need with the experts at

German flat pack houses offer homeowners multiple benefits. You are in control over the build process so you can have a creative input and design a unique, living space. The materials are all sustainable saving you money as well as cutting your carbon footprint, and they are between 10-25% cheaper than a usual house build so they’re ideal for self-builders with small budgets./p>

Flat Pack Home Offices

Home in a big box is pleased to offer a wide range of customised and prefabricated home offices. Starting from 8ft x 10ft, our external home offices can be designed to comply with local planning requirements and by-laws.

Our home offices can be fully assembled and finished on your property or supplied in a “flat pack” for quick and easy assembly. All of Flat Pack Houses’ home offices are built using high quality materials for optimum safety and durability.

What are the Main Advantages of our Home Offices?

High quality materials and rapid construction, Quiet and comfortable working environment, Fully customisable to suit your needs and Highly affordable and easy to maintain